Why Us

“private fund manager firm wide know how sets us apart”

Our strategic benefit to private fund managers

Project a robust private fund organization on a highly viable basis

  • Philosophy – increase operational alpha by proactively avoiding business and legal pitfalls;
  • Process – diagnostic review – focused or enterprise wide gap analysis to close the unknown legal and business gaps, and
  • Performance – independent support to proactively manage legal and business risk that may drag on returns.

Pragmatic and viable private fund solutions

  • Investor Demand. Nimble, niche or bespoke investor offering structures across the spectrum of private equity or hedge fund strategies.
  • Our Solution. We provide viable and bespoke fund formation solutions to meet changing investor demand.
  • Big law firm look and feel offering products in line with your supporting infrastructure without passing on the big law firm overhead.
  • Investor Demand. Once a family office or institutional investor buys into a strategy will seek to confirm a trading firm’s edge, potential business, regulatory or reputational risk.
  • Our Solution. Prior or during the solicitation process, we help to build investor confidence and alignment of interests to take advantage of potential asset allocation opportunities.
  • Investor Demand. Fund managers should apply the same discipline and process to business operations it applies to portfolio management.
  • Our Solution. Project management fees at work, skin in the game, and alignment with investors across business and portfolio risk.
  • Investor Demand. Better to outsource than without – key C-level gaps or a CCO title without the skill set – a red flag for sophisticated investors.
  • Our Solution. We offer the skill set, experience and support to help project safety of assets to potential investors.
  • Investor Demand. Investors seek to build relationships and trust through a high level of transparency.
  • Our Solution. With our years of high-level private fund manager and advisory firm legal and business matter experience, clients project to investors confidence compared to those advisory firms that fail to close the gaps.

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