Why Us

“we work with the spectrum of private fund strategies, fund investors, offering structures, fund managers”

Private fund investor ready support

First impression with a potential private fund investor

  • Essential to closing the process on a successful asset gathering campaign for a new, emerging or established manager is an effective fund manager due diligence communication process and RFP. We provide expertise to either an investor or fund manager in executing an RFP to facilitate an allocation.
  • Augment safety of assets, reduce fixed costs, curb reputational or regulatory risk.
  • Better risk managed firms create better returns.
  • Streamline the investor decision making process by being investor "due diligence" prepared prior to an investor meeting.

Co-sourced collaborative fractional support or expertise:

  • For investors, third party, fund due diligence and business development matters;
  • For fund or fund of funds, sub-adviser or private fund due diligence;
  • For fund managers or marketing firms, best practices or benchmark diagnostic review and recommendations to improve marketing edge;
  • For fund managers or marketing firms, co-sourced c-level support across area of need or stress to augment framework and attract the sophisticated assets;
  • Support and recommendations for an investor market standard or AIMA Request For Proposal ready report; and
  • For fund managers, advisory support in connection with the seed investment process across the enterprise.

Why us:

  • Each team member has more than two decades of combined in-house and outside private fund manager experience advising on an executive level across cutting edge securities law firms, emerging hedge funds or complex global institutional alternative asset management firms.1
  • Boutique and bespoke deep industry expertise and solutions from partners not junior associates no matter the scope so without the cost of big law firm infrastructure to pass on to client.
  • We share knowledge and experience from numerous engagements, relationships and resources not otherwise available to a single client organization.
  • Our deep “real world” skill set enables us to respond with nimble and viable “think out of the box” solutions for either private fund manager organizations or investors across high net worth, family offices, fund of funds and the spectrum of complex institutional investors.

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