Why Us

“deep private fund executive level in-house and law firm experience”

Our law firm’s edge for private fund managers

Breadth of both in-house and public private fund experience & expertise

  • Diversify your portfolio of alternative law firms with a boutique law firm to lower fixed costs to improve returns.
  • Top tier (in the trenches) hybrid legal and business matter support across the interconnected functions of executing, growing and augmenting an asset management organization at every phase of a venture capital, private equity fund, hedge fund or private fund advisers life-cycle.
  • Our partners’ “real world” legal and business matter expertise offers pragmatic solutions to overcome today’s business challenges.
  • Our complementary skill sets (across the private fund manager enterprise) means solutions to problems on a highly efficient and pragmatic basis.
  • Industry knowledge of what works and does not.
  • Our breadth of experience means solutions with a view to the entire forest not just the trees.
  • Partners with more than two decades of combined private in-house and public external advisory experience working within and advising cutting edge NYC securities law firms, emerging hedge funds or complex global institutional alternative asset management firms across the GCs, COOs, CCOs, directors and partner level roles.

Our added value to private funds and private fund managers

  • Boutique law firm to us means “hands on” partner level not associate support no matter the scope typically not found with big law firms.
  • Without big law firm overhead means more viable support to improve the likely hood of client success.
  • Collaborative trusted expertise across the spectrum of strategies, private fund offerings and trading advisers to strengthen your position with allocators and risk management.
  • We leverage our years of strategic relationships across investors and third parties to increase your competitive advantage.
  • Experience and the relationships with the spectrum of investors, fund managers and counter-parties to curb legacy costs and risk.
  • Pragmatic legal, business and investor offering solutions tailored to teams, people, AUM and investors.

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