Private fund formation

“private fund formation solutions at every phase of a firm’s life cycle”

Private fund manager compliance & operations

“viable & scalable front-back office compliance-operations across AUM, teams, people”

Private fund focused attorneys

“deep (in house & public sector) private fund focused attorneys sets us apart”

Private fund investor ready support

“we work with the spectrum of private fund strategies, fund investors, offering structures, fund managers”

Private fund manager risk management build out

“investor, regulatory or risk management ready, gap analysis & solutions”

Private fund partner business transactional & governance

“in-house & public sector private fund experienced attorneys sets us apart”

Private fund c-suite fractional support to better manage risk

“c-suite executive level experienced attorneys from leading private funds”

Private fund marketing do’s and don’ts

“strategic & tailored support to match portfolio edge, target investors and aum”

Private fund & firm wide execution & growth

“launched spectrum of hedge funds, private equity funds & trading firms”

Our strategic benefit to private fund managers

“private fund manager legal & business matter know how sets us apart”