Why Us

“launched spectrum of hedge funds, private equity funds & trading firms”

Private fund & firm wide execution & growth

Private fund & firm wide formation

  • Starting a new private fund, formation and top tier offering documentation tailored to strategy, team, assets and target investors across the spectrum of conventional, niche to conventional strategies and fund offering structures (onshore-offshore).
  • Our Clients gain the business value of their pedigree and track record complemented by our partner level professional experience across start-ups, established and well-known global asset managers.
  • Whether its firm reorganization, augmentation or executing a private fund and firm for a portfolio strategy, we offer high level collaborative support across the private fund manager enterprise.
  • Deep history working with start-ups, established private fund managers and well-known law firms across the front to back office business, regulatory and securities law matters.
  • Substantial experience and expertise from industry veterans advising the spectrum of strategies (conventional to niche), investors and asset management firms of all shapes and sizes for more than two decades.

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